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Measure Guides

A quick start to begin your design project. And no, your drawings don't have to be anything fancy! Simple lines and sketches are perfect.

Quick Measure Guide

Draw the overall shape of your room. Block out space for windows, doors, sinks, and major appliances like a refrigerator. Also note relevant plumbing and outlets/light switches. No need to worry about your drawing skills. It’s accurate measurements in the next step that matter most!

Then add specific measurements to your drawing. Measure each wall from corner to corner as well as the ceiling height. Measure windows and doors from edge to edge, including casing. Measure the distance between the edge of windows and doors to the corners of walls. Also measure plumbing, power outlets, light switches, and all appliances (width, depth, and height). Include photos of your space from various angles. You can attach these to our contact form. These will help your designer fully understand your space!

Example diagram of kitchen measurements on graph paper

Inside Mount

Window treatments are installed inside the window casing.

Measure Depth: Measure to see if you have full recess depth. 3/4 inch is the minimum depth required for inside mount blinds.

Measure Width: Measure the inside width of the window casing in three places. Record the narrowest measurement.

Measure Height: Measure the distance from the bottom of the top window casing to the top of the sill in three places. Record the longest measurement.

Diagram about how to measure blinds for an inside mount

Outside Mount

Window treatments are installed outside the window casing and mounted directly on the wall or molding.

Measure Width: Measure the width to be covered. We recommend 1.5 inches overlap on each side of the window (3 inches total) for optimum light control and privacy.

Headrail Location: Determine if the headrail will be on or above the molding.

Measure Height: Measure the height from the top of the headrail to the top of the window sill or lower if overlap is desired.

Diagram about how to measure blinds for an outside mount
Measuring got you down?

We get it! Give us a call, send some photos, or even schedule a video chat. We’ll walk you through the process!