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Looking for countertops? PNW Cabinets can help you find something that matches both your aesthetic and budget.

We offer natural stone such as granite, quartz, marble, and soapstone – as well as solid surface and laminate options. Some areas may also have access to wood and stainless steel options as well. Ask your designer! Our designs account for various edge and sink options.


Quick Measure Guide

Draw the overall shape of your room. Block out space for windows, doors, sinks, and major appliances like a refrigerator. Also note relevant plumbing and outlets/light switches. No need to worry about your drawing skills. It’s accurate measurements in the next step that matter most!

Then add specific measurements to your drawing. Measure each wall from corner to corner as well as the ceiling height. Measure windows and doors from edge to edge, including casing. Measure the distance between the edge of windows and doors to the corners of walls. Also measure plumbing, power outlets, light switches, and all appliances (width, depth, and height). Include photos of your space from various angles. You can attach these to our contact form. These will help your designer fully understand your space!

Our Process

At PNW Cabinets our goal is to give you everything you need to actually bring your dream project to life! That's why we'll assign you a personalized designer, provide a rendering of your space, and work up a transparent quote for your specific design - all for FREE!

Our Process Steps
Step 1

Contact Us and Measurements

Call us or click on 'Request a quote' to send us your measurements. We've laid out the basic steps of measuring any space and specific directions for measuring for window coverings in our Measure Guides. Snap some photos from several angles to give us the full picture of your space.

Step 2


An expert from our design team will contact you for an initial discussion about your project. You'll receive an initial design based on the details of this discussion. You'll then be able to work back and forth with your designer to get your project just right.

Step 3

Rendering and Ordering

Your designer will create a rendering to help you visualize your new space! Don't worry - you can still make adjustments if you see something that needs changing. Then just say the word! We'll order everything you need to bring your rendering to life.

Step 4


Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space! We work with a network of trusted installers throughout the Northwest to complete your cabinet, countertop, or blind project in a professional and timely manner. Your designer will recommend an installation professional in your area.